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Federal Highway Administration Telework Agreement To be completed by the employee and signed by the supervisor. All Telework agreements are subject to the provisions and definitions set forth in the FHWA Telework Order 3620. Supervisor Please provide a brief statement of why the requirement selected is not met The telework arrangement covered by this agreement will begin on Once a month Additional Comments date Once a pay period Once a week If ...
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In order to qualify for a Telework arrangement, the employee must: a. have an existing employee/contractor relationship with the FHA; b. be an employee of the public housing authority (HAP) for which the CAMP program is a program option; and c. have a demonstrated willingness to work full-time telework hours. 3. An employee must work 40 hours per week of full-time Telework hours. Telework hours are hours spent by an employee at a telework work site during which the employee can be present and work without interruption. 4. In order to maintain health and safety, an employee may not telework more than 50 of the maximum telework hours allowed. 5. In order to maintain continuous job training, an employee may not telework more than 60 of the maximum telework hours allowed. 6. Employees working on one site can be scheduled to telework at another site. 7. This agreement is effective from the day on which it is signed by the supervisor. The supervisor must sign the agreement in person, unless a second signature is requested from the employee. 8. The employee may request that the supervisor sign for him or her at any time by contacting the District Area Office. 9. The agreement shall not be terminated without both supervisor and employee's written approval. 10. Any work hours teleworked must be paid at the time that they are worked. 11. Any work hours teleworked are subject to audit by the Federal Employment Security Administration. 12. The supervisor may terminate the Telework Agreement at any time, upon proper proof of violations of the provisions of the agreement, or any requirement of any regulation issued by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, or other applicable law. 13. Any employee or supervisor may terminate the Telework Agreement for any reason. 14. This agreement may be terminated automatically without notice by either party upon written notice to the other party to provide a grace period for the employee to re-certify, as required by Federal law. 15. An employee can terminate this agreement at any time, provided that the termination is pursuant to any of the following: a. The termination is in accordance with a notice or letter of termination provided by the FHA. b. The termination is by mutual agreement of the employee and his/her supervisor. c. The employee has violated any provision stipulated in the agreement or any regulation. 16. Any employee may terminate the agreement by providing written notice to the District Area Office indicating that the employee wants the contract terminated.
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